Day bias clear in ignoring story critical of Mueller investigation

On May 4, a United States federal judge questioned Special Counsel Robert Mueller about his investigation going beyond the scope of his powers for the sole purpose of targeting President Trump. Yet, on May 5, I can’t find a word of this in The Day. How can you consider yourselves honest when you refuse to print important news like this? This is exactly why most people in America no longer trust the mainstream media.

Every day you have negative articles about Trump, yet you somehow missed this one. I find your act of omission shameful but not surprising. The liberals have gone overboard with their Trump hatred, and The Day has followed them right into irrelevance. This is a perfect example of how the left-leaning mainstream media in America attempts to advance their agenda.

You don’t need to lie, you just don’t print the stories that don’t fit your narrative. This is despicable and against everything you claim to represent. 

Joe Corso


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