What if Gazans had crossed the border?

Rev. Jungkeit of the First Congregational Church of Old Lyme continues to express his obsessive desire to villainize Israel. His op-ed, “Reject today’s inhumanity, seek connections,” (June 3), ostensibly to proclaim the church’s willingness to temporarily shelter a refugee family, quickly turns to its true purpose, the demonization of Israel. After a few short words about the refugees, Rev. Jungkeit moves right to Israel: “Yet another outburst of callous inhumanity,” "A grotesque testimony of inhumanity and degradation…” Rev. Jungkeit, while expressing outrage over 61 Palestinians killed at the Gaza border, conveniently forgets that Gaza’s leadership, Hamas, endeavors to drive every Israeli Jew into the sea. He ignores the more than half-million Arabs in Syria and the hundreds of thousands more in Iraq and Yemen killed by their fellow Muslim Arabs. Consider, please, the incalculable catastrophe that would befall the Jews of Israel had the waves of suicidal Palestinians at the Gaza border successfully crossed into Israel.

Harry Leiser

New London

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