Hamas and it reckless pursuit of death

Rev. Jungkeit in his misinformed op-ed, “Reject today’s inhumanity, seek connections,” (June 3), refers to “an ideology that finds it acceptable to treat neighbors and their children as disposable refuse.” Arabs of Gaza hold that worldview. They send nurses on suicidal missions and sacrifice children in their interest of spreading Jew hatred and for financial gain.

Gaza has been free of Jews since 2005. They’ve destroyed their de facto apartheid state under Hamas, and now they’re fanatically attempting to destroy us.

They try anything to infiltrate the fence to kidnap, torture and kill Jews in nearby communities. We’re witness to Arab butchery of innocent Israelis.

The Israeli Army prevents the spilling of Israeli blood by thwarting terrorist attempts to cross the fence. Perhaps the good reverend should harness his considerable Harvard influence to educate Gazans to embrace life rather than recklessly pursue death.

After the destruction of our Temple in Jerusalem, we Jews were forced from our beloved homeland. We were defenseless; at the mercy of nations who abused, exploited and almost exterminated us. Thankfully, now that we’re home, we will defend ourselves rather than bleed to satisfy our enemies.

Sheri Angel


Editor’s note: The writer is a former resident of Waterford.


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