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Need Senate debates to inform the voters

Why haven’t our candidates for state Senate scheduled any debates for this election cycle? We, as voters, need to know where politicians stand on any number of issues. Sen. Heather Somers has had, in my opinion, a disappointing voting record in Hartford. Bob Statchen, her opponent, has 21 years in the Air National Guard and runs a legal clinic that helps small business owners. We need to see them debate to get a better understanding of their positions.

I’ve contacted the Statchen campaign and they said they have asked for a number of debates but have not heard back from the Somers campaign. I also emailed the Somers campaign and am waiting for a reply. I certainly hope refusing to have open discussion is not a part of the Republican strategy. If so, we deserve better.

Eugene Pfeifer


Editor's note: It is The Day's intention to schedule state Senate debates at some point during the election season.


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