Food tip — Corned Beef on the 17th, Mr. G's, New London

Food tip

Corned beef on 17th

Mr. G's, New London

Forget whether it's indigenously accurate. If it's March 17 — St. Patty's Day — every bar and restaurant serves corned beef in myriad ways. And we love it. In our part of the Green World, Mr. G's is renowned for succulent CB offerings on that fine holiday. And it occurred to the G Folks: what if every month on the 17th was Corned Beef Day? That way we'd only have to wait four weeks instead of 364 days until the next Corned Beef Explosion. And so it is! Sandwiches, platters, various specials ... Hell, they probably have corned beef milkshakes. This is a very great and tasty idea.

— Rick Koster 


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