End statute of limitations and report church involvement in sex abuse

I’m a retired New Haven detective with 27 years of service following Army military police duty. 

The perpetrator of sexual abuse of a child was pursued by my colleagues and me with the intent of putting the felon away for years so another child would not become a victim. I and most did not know the influence of the Catholic Church to make prosecution disappear. It's taken the likes of The Day reporter Joe Wojtas, “Norwich diocese will release names of priests accused of sexual assault” (Dec. 21), and others to continue to educate the public to the extent of these vicious criminals and the responsible organization and individuals. 

What is needed is for Connecticut legislators to eliminate the statute of limitations when it comes to the sexual abuse of a child and provide the tools and support for the prosecution of these offenders. The defensive posture of the Catholic Church on this issue must be exposed. 

I called to initiate a one-year digital subscription of The Day.

Keep up the good work. 

Tom Morrissey, Jr.


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