More parking spots needed for disabled Baby Boomers

Why have the handicapped and Baby Boomers and senior citizens been forsaken when it comes to finding an open handicap parking spot? Seems when many parking lots were built years ago and even newer lots of today, they never took into account so many more handicap spots would be needed in the future.

Somehow nobody had the vision to plan for Baby Boomers, or seem to care how many of us are disabled. I've spoken to many people in authority who tell me that everything depends on the size of the parking lot. I guess the people who tell me are not disabled, because if they were they would fix this problem.

Disabled people who frequent your establishments are getting sick and tired of driving around your lots in the hope of finding an open handicap spot. Just realize this, many of us will only drive around a few times, then if nothing opens up we will take our money and business elsewhere. I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for this sad situation to get fixed and I don't need to hear excuses on how it would cost too much to remedy. But someday when you’re old and health issues pop up, you'll get what I'm saying.

Ed Victoria



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