Awards and recognitions are much appreciated

I received a call recently telling me about a decision that the New London NAACP made to present me with an award. I will be one of the honorees at the Freedom Fund dinner in June. I am being honored with a special "Community Champion Award." I am so grateful for this acknowledgement.

In 2013, I received an official citation from the General Assembly, introduced by then state Rep. Ernest Hewett, “In recognition of your exceptional participation in betterment of our community."

I have met and shook the hand of our dear President Barack Obama. I was asked to host a BBQ/meet and greet for my dude, Senator Richard Blumenthal, when he was a candidate, and all went well here on Mountain Avenue. These will most likely be the highlights from my career as a volunteer.

I will never forget and will always appreciate the support, donations, thanks and smiles from supporters, friends and family in this community. You made my volunteer efforts easier.

To the New London City Hall powers that be, however, after 20-plus years of community service − with the most recent one a food drive for the Coast Guard Academy furloughed workers on MLK Day (which was very successful) − a phone call of thanks would have been nice.

Michelle Allen

New London


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