CD tip: "Negative Space" by Artificial Silence

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CD tip

Negative Space

Artificial Silence

There's not much information about the Lakewood, Washington, band Artificial Silence, but I did learn they started recording this album in 2012, reportedly while the four musicians were in high school. It might have started like a "let's put on a show" project where they just wanted to see if they could pull it off. The working model would have been old Yes or Moody Blues classics from their parents' collections — or maybe their own Dream Theater or Devin Townshend Project records. Now, seven years later, it's finally done. They're probably all college graduates with families and good jobs, and maybe the goal was never to be famous or even have a career. What they created, though, is a recording of densely constructed, myriad-layered, almost hopelessly beautiful (and beautifully performed) songs that, though unabashedly anchored in the butterscotch tones of the past, somehow sparkle with a gorgeously contemporary energy. I wonder: What did Artificial Silence do when "Negative Space" was finished? Go out for a beer and then say, "See ya around, it's been fun!"? Boy, I hope there's more to come. Well-freakin'-done, guys. This is a masterpiece.


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