New London community must show its unity in wake of scandal

New London is shocked, angry, and heartbroken to learn that trusted teachers, coaches, and administrators engaged in or allowed our children to be preyed upon and abused.

Now that accountability is being demanded of the superintendent, Board of Education, and frankly anyone connected, it is plain to see that this community cares deeply for its youth. Policies are being revised, meetings are being held to ensure the lines of communication remain open, and honest dialogue is occurring with those concerned.

We need people who will advocate for and protect our children. We need a school board that will question the establishment and do what is right for the New London Public Schools. It is time to start taking voting and the power of our voice more seriously.

We have a great opportunity to prove that our commUNITY is more than this awful headline. We must do this together. We must rebuild trust and improve relationships in order to help this city shine like the gem that it truly is. 

Jasmine A. Collins

New London


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