Hopefully a judge will set prison officials straight on Confederate flag issue

Attorney Daniel A. Schwartz’s comment and Department of Correction’s decision-making process suggests an oversight of important information, “Prison employee sues Department of Correction in Confederate flag case,” (July 13). DOC not only gave permission for a DOC employee to use an unauthorized parking spot with a license plate displaying the Confederate flag directly next to the American flag, but then disciplined a 25-year African-American DOC employee for expressing her discomfort with this situation.

Preferential treatment to allow an employee to display a symbol of what has come to be associated with slavery/racism in a billboard-status area of a state facility versus DOC’s violation of freedom of speech? The court will hopefully view this as slightly more than “a Confederate flag in isolation.” You don’t need a law or a judge to tell you that this is wrong.

You just need a moral compass like Carla Moore.

Nancy Anderson

New London


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