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Don't buy the propaganda, banning plastic bags is the right move

I enjoyed Benjamin Kail’s article, “Will Connecticut have buyer’s remorse on bag ban?” (July 28), about plastic bag pollution. Kail interviewed Matt Seaholm, a lobbyist for the plastics industry. Seaholm would have us believe that plastic bag litter is insignificant (less than 1% of municipal waste).

Hogwash. It is common knowledge that thousands of birds, fish, sea turtles and whales die, or are injured, each year by plastic bags. 

Seaholm hinks that it should be the consumer’s responsibility to recycle their plastic bags. This isn’t realistic. Just 5% of plastic bags are recycled. Plastic bags cost virtually nothing; they are viewed as a throwaway item.

Furthermore, if an industry is going to produce a product that harms the environment, or human health (one in the same), then it should be its responsibility to make sure it doesn’t pollute. Otherwise, ban the product. 

There are many scientific studies indicating that bag bans significantly reduce litter. Just one example is San Jose, California. After a bag ban there, plastic litter was reduced by 98 percent in storm drains, by 60 percent in rivers, and by 59 percent in city neighborhoods. 

Banning plastic bags is good for Connecticut, as well.

Dana Oviatt



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