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Food tip: Whitecrest Eatery, Stonington

It’s remarkable how many of the social media reviews of the spanking new Whitecrest Eatery in Stonington’s Velvet Mill exclaim that it’s the best food the reviewer has ever eaten. I’m old, and I’ve eaten a lot of amazing food over all those years, but this does indeed rank right up there. Danish chef Johan Jensen and his wife, Abbey Hemmann, have in very short order risen to the top of the Stonington restaurant heap, concocting their magic out of fish selected daily from the holds of Stonington trawlers and veggies from the fields of local growers like the charming Wehpittituck Farm on Cove Road in Stonington. The fried green tomatoes from Wehpittituck with smoked paprika aioli and chives was just one of the delights that had me wondering where, in all those many years, I’ve have enjoyed a local, farm-fresh meal more. It hasn’t come to me yet. Throw in the convivial atmosphere with its open kitchen, industrial decor softened with antique china and a friendly and knowledgeable staff, and you quickly land at Whitecrest being Stonington’s best new restaurant.


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