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Lawrence would provide needed new leadership for Ledyard

I was very happy to hear that Rob Lawrence is challenging the incumbent for mayor of Ledyard. I have known Rob for many years. He has the vision to lead Ledyard away from our march into oblivion, or “consolidation and efficiency,” as Mayor Fred Allyn III puts it. With two abandoned gas stations, an empty schoolhouse, a vacant parade ground and home property taxes rocketing into the five figures; Allyn needs to understand that we are not satisfied with his performance. Three liquor stores within sight of each other is not a bellwether of a sound economic future.

I was disappointed in The Day’s unbalanced coverage of the challenger. Certainly Lawrence could have been reached for a direct quote, as was afforded the incumbent. Furthermore, Rob’s background was given short shrift. Rob Lawrence did serve his county honorably and continued to serve as a blue-collar tradesman. Most importantly though, he paid his taxes while raising three impressive children, despite the Great Recession. Rob Lawrence continues to serve, on the front lines, in a soup kitchen. He doesn’t talk about it, he does it. He makes the soup! Might be a good talent to have in office if this slide continues. Time to bring in a leader who will work for us all.

Craig Gilbert



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