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Pro-abortion Pelosi is a hypocrite Catholic

You need look no further for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's true character than her news conference last week. At this event, a reputable reporter (almost an oxymoron these days) asked the speaker if "she hated Donald Trump." With her response,  she lost whatever marbles were left in her gavel. The intellectually challenged Democrat relied on her unorthodox and shallow Catholic faith to put this reporter firmly in his place. And at the conclusion of her sentimental diatribe, she firmly confronted him with a curt, "Don't mess with me" threat. Well, they don't call her "Nasty Nancy" for nothing! 

But what is truly sickening to faithful Catholics is Pelosi's continual appeal to the faith to justify whatever she wants to do including "praying" for the president. Of course she hates Trump, she has as much as said so in her past commentaries about their unpleasant interactions. Catholics are appalled by this subterfuge, just as they are appalled by her failure to protect unborn children and her adoring praise for Planned Parenthood.

To be sure, Pelosi does engage in hate, but not hate for the sin of abortion. Even worse than this, however, is the sin of hypocrisy in which she excels. Pray for Nancy tonight!

Peter Wilson




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