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Reality check needed: Nothing is for free

I would like to respond to the op-ed in Sunday’s edition, "Cities could benefit by backing Medicare for All,"(Jan. 19). The authors say that approach will save municipalities millions of dollars, money that can be spent improving public safety, and bolstering education. They, however, don’t say where the money will come from. 

The generation I grew up in has survived. We paid for our health insurance and we paid for Medicare. Since I retired I continue to pay for my health insurance, and Part B Medicare benefits. It has not been a free ride, it’s not deductible, but most of all, it has worked, and the cities I’ve lived in have survived. To suggest otherwise is just another move toward socialism.

If you believe the system is broke, then go fix it. What’s being proposed here sounds like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren preaching Medicare for all, and free college. I went to college on the GI Bill, with the condition that I serve in the military, which I did for four years. Sanders and Warren don’t propose serving in our military to gain an education, and neither one has a clue how their proposals, which includes Medicare for all, will be funded. The same is the problem for New London. 

James Harmon



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