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Based on his experience, paranormal a reality

I would like to take issue with the writer who accused The Day of publishing nonsense in its article about East Lyme demonologists, “Day should expose, not publicize ‘demonologist’ nonsense,” (April 19). He went on to imply that people who believe in paranormal activity are lacking in intelligence and that it is all a bunch of hogwash. Well, let me state for the record that one of our grown sons has experienced paranormal activity since he was a young child, both at our former home in another Connecticut town, as well as that of a friend’s, and in later years, during his travels. He was able to describe in detail the clothing from a prior era, and the conversations, when they occurred. On one of his trips where he stayed in a historic hotel, he was kept awake all night by an old woman's ghost. The next morning, when checking out, the man behind the desk asked if he had been disturbed by her and if so, he would not be the only one.

No such thing as paranormal activity? Yeah, right.

Eugenie Rocherolle

Old Lyme



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