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Issue more complex than Elci recognizes

In a recent column, “I’m not spending one tax dime to bail out folks here illegally,” (May 13), Lee Elci was in high dudgeon over the possibility that Governor Lamont would provide aid and comfort to illegal aliens mirroring the depredations of California Governor Gavin Newsom. Providing money to lawbreakers during a pandemic is evidently an affront to truth, justice and the American way.

Pushing his tired point of view, Elci conveniently tells a very incomplete story from which he draws a conclusion to his liking ("those" people are breaking the law, abusing Americans, and need to be punished, not coddled).

The larger and more accurate story is more complex. A significant portion of all work in the U.S. is done by people here illegally (estimated at over 5%), from farm work to meatpacking, restaurant service, construction, housekeeping and on and on. The jobs are created and supported by Americans who profit from the lowly paid labor of others. The demand is created here, and the advantage accrued is banked here. The "illegals" are responding to their own desperation, willing to risk being lawbreakers to have any chance at a life. The system has existed for generations and Americans respond with tacit approval.

Singling out the weakest in a corrupt system is a bad look.

Enjoy your arugula.

Peter Storms




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