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Red Sox expect full participation as training camp begins this week

As some players across baseball have begun to opt out of the 2020 season due to concerns over the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Red Sox still expect full participation when training camp begins at Fenway Park this week.

Chief baseball officer Chaim Bloom said last week that he expects all players to report Wednesday for intake testing before the first day of workouts Friday at Fenway, and manager Ron Roenicke said the same on a Zoom call Monday.

"I don't know any of our guys who are on the fence about playing," Roenicke said. "They've told me that they're ready to go. Is there a couple guys that are concerned? Yeah, there is. But as far as I know, what they've told me from today, yesterday, the day before, that I expect everybody to come in."

Roenicke said the Red Sox held a team meeting over Zoom on Saturday, and the manager said some players spoke up to emphasize personal responsibility as they return to Boston.

"I think we've got enough veteran leadership that when we're on the road or home, they'll direct the guys the right way and also realize that when you're young and you think you're invincible, that you do things a little bit different," Roenicke said. "So hopefully we'll address this enough where guys know and hey, they have a responsibility, not just to themselves and staying healthy, but they can bring this virus in and give it to other guys, so they know how important it is and hopefully enough to where we're going to stay pretty clean as a team."


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