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Day's prejudice against Catholic faith is obvious

I was appalled by the Associated Press article, "Catholic Church taps virus relief plan for at least $1.4 billion in federal aid," published by The Day on July 11.

The entire tenor of the piece was that there was something inappropriate in the church receiving funds from the Paycheck Protection Program. The characterizations included "tap," "haul," and "amass" to promote this view.

Then there was the usual trucking out of the sexual abuse scandal, over a billion members, Bishop Bransfield − as if any of this is relevant.

This was nothing but undisguised bigotry. The Day is not much better. To treat the Supreme Court decision regrading the Little Sisters of the Poor case as a win for President Trump is nonsense. It is a victory for the Sisterswho have been fighting this battle for almost a decade. If the court had not decided as it did who would that be a "win' for? Certainly not their parents.

Every news report only mentions contraception when the worse concern is the morning-after-pill, which is an abortifacient.

I suppose, if you have no coherent set of principles, it is difficult to examine and report on any issue by going to the root, rather than accepting the latest fad and fashion.

Oh well, there is is consolation in the saying, "The Church always buries its enemies."

Arthur Barton



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