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Quaker Hill Firehouse is without paid staff

On August 16, the residents of Quaker Hill were brought together for an informational meeting at our firehouse. We were told, for the first time, that our firehouse was no longer staffed with any paid firefighters. The station is run completely by volunteers now. The nearest station with any paid firefighters is Cohanzie. We have a wonderful station with state-of-the-art trucks and equipment, yet the town cannot afford staffing.

In 2018 First Selectman Dan Steward promised that our station would always be staffed with a paid full-time firefighter during the work week and paid volunteers. Our town employs 11 full-time firefighters right now but only at Jordan, Oswegatchie and Cohanzie.

This is a safety issue and needs to be changed.

Our first selectman was asked to attend the meeting with the residents but gave no response.

We can spend hundreds of millions to renovate the schools but cannot afford the staffing of something as important as our firehouse. I have paid taxes in this town for over 35 years and own two houses.

I live within a mile of the Quaker Hill firehouse but five miles from Cohanzie. Yes, it could mean life or death.

Edna Silva

Quaker Hill



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