Decorating the front porch for fall

Summer has passed and the cool crisp air of autumn brings with it an atmosphere of seasonal transition and newness. One way to celebrate the arrival of the fall season is to decorate the porch. Regardless of porch size or budget any porch can be dressed up for the fall.

An inexpensive and simple way to decorate any size porch is to gather freshly fallen leaves and arrange them into baskets or empty apple crates. Spare jars or urns also make good containers for displaying colorful fall leaves. To complement the containers of colorful leaves add dried cornstalks to the display. DIY Network suggests, "Simply take about 15 to 20 dried cornstalks and bunch them together with bailer's twine to secure. Leave the twine bare or add a ribbon in any fall color."

Furniture can be used as a center point for an autumn setting on a larger porch. Arrange pumpkins, gourds or calico corn on or around a table, chair or bench. First, drape a tablecloth or cozy blanket to add color and texture and set a lantern or two on the porch in front of the furniture. A string of lights can add a finishing touch if the display can be set up near an available outdoor outlet.

If porch furniture isn't an option a bale of hay also makes a good focal point. Good suggests, "A hay bale is a creative way to introduce texture into your fall decor. Instead of placing all of your decorative accents directly on the ground, take advantage of the height that a hay bale offers." After the display is taken down the hay can be repurposed as a protective winter covering for gardens.

Small porches can be decorated in a minimalist style with a pumpkin or two on the steps and a silk autumn leaf garland around the door frame. If a sidewalk leads to the porch, the décor can be extended along the margins of the sidewalk creating a border of pumpkins, gourds or lanterns. Finish off the display with an autumn wreath on the door. To keep expenses down, wreaths can be handmade from twigs and other natural parts found in the yard. If the budget allows wreaths can also be purchased ready made or assembled from parts purchased at a craft store.

During the harvest season chrysanthemums are alive with color and provide a great option for fall porch decorating. While most of an autumn display may consist of fruits of the harvest like pumpkins and gourds, brilliant chrysanthemum blooms add another level of color to any autumn display.

DIY Network says, "Mums come in a variety of colors and sizes. Choose one or two colors for a uniform look or go wild and get as many colors as you can find. Display your mums in different ways like in a wagon, bushel basket, wheelbarrow or an old caldron."

No matter the size of the porch or the budget a festive autumn display can lead to and embellish the front door of any home.


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