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Head-scratching numbers continue election doubts

What you are about to read is NOT about President Trump.

As a minority of Americans anxiously await tangible evidence to corroborate the administration's claim that the election was stolen, Trump's legal minions are busy lobbying local legislatures in key battleground states, alleging rampant widespread distortion, deception and deceit.

The clock is ticking and the finish line for Joe Biden is in sight, but the president’s attorney Rudy Giuliani is defiant in his assertions and accusations that outrageous amounts of cheating and fraud occurred in the shadows and often out in the open on Election Day.

The dilemma the Trump team faces: Is there anyone not wearing a MAGA hat that's willing to listen?

Well, judges have been listening and they have systematically dismissed most of the allegations the Trump legal contingent have presented. They want evidence. They haven’t seen it.

However, many Americans with a modest amount of common sense and curiosity are still understandably skeptical and befuddled by certain election results.

It seems implausible, dare we say impossible, that a man who barricaded himself in the basement and fumbled and bumbled his way through scripted interviews would go on to receive the largest vote total in history! The Biden vote count of 80,117,578 dwarfed Obama's 2008 total by almost 11 million.

Somehow Biden, whose campaign was on life-support and couldn't gain any early traction against typically weak Democratic rivals, who lost primaries decisively in New Hampshire, Nevada, California, Utah, Vermont and North Dakota, became a record breaker. This lifetime politically motivated presidential also-ran bested the incomparable Barack Obama by nearly 15%.

Hard to fathom.

Can you blame the cynicism of the 74 million Trump supporters? Biden failed on multiple opportunities to reach the highest office in the land and his partner, Kamala Harris, couldn't muster a single delegate in her presidential quest. Yet, the Washington Post projects, 67% of the voting-eligible population voted in this election, the highest since 1900! Such numbers driven by a milquetoast candidate seems inconceivable, even if the hatred for Trump runs deep.

Trump is the first incumbent president in 132 years, since Grover Cleveland’s failed bid for re-election in 1888, to have increased his vote from his first election and not win. Trump collected more votes than any previous incumbent seeking reelection, receiving 11 million more votes than in 2016.

Biden won more votes nationally than any presidential candidate in history, but he won a record low 17% of counties — yet Biden somehow outdid Obama in total votes? If this doesn't at least make you  curious about the voting anomalies, you're simply not being honest.

This may be challenging for many to accept, but again this is not about Trump; it's about attaining a certain level of confidence moving forward in how we elect leaders. The most sacred right of citizenship must have transparency, otherwise, there can be no election peace.

Shouldn't every single allegation be vetted? Are any Democrats even the slightest bit concerned with the potential possibility that nefarious and unscrupulous activities may have given your candidate an advantage? Shouldn't every citizen be insisting on complete clarity and absolute precision?

Is the voting mechanism now in place safe and trustworthy? What if it's not? Shouldn't all the information and recent lawsuits based on witness and expert statements, relating to allegations of mail-in ballot fraud, recounting irregularities and deficiencies, and security hazards of the Dominion Voting Systems machines be pursued until an adequate judgment on these charges can be rendered?

Why is there such pushback from Democrats? Simply allow the legal process to play itself out. If it winds up to be a giant bag of nothing, then we all take a deep breath and move on. We should all want this.

All right, I'll get off my election integrity soapbox since I've been up here before, but contemplate this: The electoral college meets Dec. 14 to vote for the next president. Electors are readying themselves to meet and cast ballots. The Giuliani crew has recently been directing its attention towards state legislatures, attempting to cast doubt into the election’s validity.

The GOP controls state legislatures in key swing states. Trump's legal team can spread a certain level of doubt, hoping to manipulate a percentage of electors to switch their allegiance and cause Congress to discard votes from disputed states. In theory, this would result in neither candidate reaching the desired 270 electoral votes for victory. The House would decide the presidency with the Republicans holding a 26-23 advantage in control of state delegations.

Trump has less than two weeks to prove widespread treachery. Otherwise, the jig is up.

Lee Elci is the morning host for 94.9 News Now radio, a station that provides "Stimulating Talk" with a conservative bent.


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