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Rep. Howard needs to take clearer stand on events in Washington

On the morning of January 6, Greg Howard took the oath of office to serve as state representative and afterwards stated, “I am committed to hit the ground running…to advocate for each of my constituents and their concerns.” That afternoon one of our most sacred and hollowed grounds of democracy was violently and viciously attacked. That evening state Rep. Howard endorsed a statement from House minority leader Vincent Candelora.

While it is valuable to know where state party leadership stands in regard to the attack on the U.S. Capitol, I am disappointed that he has not posted an original statement on the day’s events. Howard ran a campaign predicated on being an independent voice in Hartford. Now he has the opportunity, early in his tenure, to make good on this campaign promise. His campaign was also predicated on his experience in law enforcement. He is uniquely positioned to offer valuable insight into the events on January 6.

I am asking, in a non-partisan capacity, for state Rep. Howard to speak openly and directly with his constituents. We need to know where our state representative stands, independent of party affiliation, and to truly be an independent voice for the 43rd.

Sara Baker




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