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It was Democrats who enabled racist South

Nick Fischer’s racism rant is really a stark example of bait and switch, “Racism as political strategy too long tolerated,” (Jan. 12). How dare he build his argument against “Republican Southern Strategy” on the actions of George Wallace, which he uses as an example? He must think we are too ignorant to realize George Wallace was a Democrat! Are we supposed to believe that having the Republicans strategize to wrest power from the likes of George Wallace and the racist southern Democrats was a bad thing? I do not even want to address the other inconsistencies and outright misrepresentations, such as ignoring what is a Republican issue of promoting school choice, which benefits minorities.

Fischer just spiels the same tired lines that the Democrats have been using to keep minorities as a permanent underclass, promising goodies to guarantee their votes. It takes away from any good points he may have made, making one suspicious of their authenticity as well. That is not productive.

Ted Genard




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