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Miss him yet? Not even a little.

In his recent Letter to the Editor, W. Terrence Mooney of Mystic closed asking, "Miss him yet?"

I do not miss the unfunny man who began as an insult and embarrassment and ended a disgrace. The man who had no respect for the American people, the office, its history.

I don't miss the lies, misinformation, conspiracy theories, falsehoods, unsubstantiated statements, or Sharpie pen. I don't miss the man who fawned over despots Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin; the man who shoved a world leader and had Americans forcibly moved for a photo-op.

I don't miss the man who debased the Presidential Medal of Honor to a carnival prize in giving it to someone who similarly spewed hate, bigotry, privilege, and entitlement; the man who called legitimate media "fake news" and "enemy of the people," who thinks himself deserving a Nobel Peace Prize and being carved into Mount Rushmore.

I don't miss the man who paid $750 in income taxes and never divested himself from his corporate interests, who said Mexico would pay for his wall, the virus would go away, that climate change was a hoax, there was massive voter fraud, the election was stolen.

I don't miss the man who was impeached twice and responsible for the tragic events of Jan. 6.

I do not miss him, his behavior, or tweets at all.

James D. Stephenson

New London



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