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City of Groton choice impacts the region

Despite being blindsided by the announcement of Town Councilor Aundré Bumgardner and the heavy political influence of Hartford politicians, Mayor Keith Hedrick still is the "write" choice for Groton City. I am not a resident of the city, but I am concerned how this election will affect the surrounding towns. The economic development of Groton City will greatly impact the southeast region of the state and will require a leader with experience.

Bumgardner's campaign has relied heavily on market research to initiate his door-to-door crusade, celebrity endorsements and a team keeping him up to date on legislative sessions. A true grassroots movement is a call to action- to mobilize all voters regardless of socioeconomical status, gender, race and political affiliation.

Bumgardner claims this is a community effort, but does not appear connected to the community he is trying lead. He has boots on the ground that are taking commands from outside sources and they still do not know what direction to march in. Groton City residents should make the choice that best upholds their values. Please consider how this area of the state is in need of strong leadership.

Elizabeth Lowe




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