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Consider the stress officer was under

The arrested Brooklyn Center Police Officer Kim Potter has been under unimaginable stress, anxiety and targeted fear while being thrust in a war zone daily for over a year. And constantly for 26 years.

Unless you have been in this type of situation, for that long on a daily basis, you cannot possibly understand. Your brain gets overloaded, you become rationally deprived without realizing — it is akin to driving sleep deprived. You do things you cannot explain for reasons you cannot understand. Every day you must risk your life dealing with a thousand suspects who have no compassion and disregard law and order and have no scruples about the carnage or collateral damage caused by their reckless and heinous lifestyles.

But millions will come to Daunte Wright's defense and vilify those who have spent a lifetime dedicating their lives, and losing their lives, fighting for the civility of society.

Mike Zito



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