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Poetry in a Pandemic: Returning to EarthCare

One year ago

our hearts and minds

were socially

and politically

and economically divided

about universal health care

as a restorative prerequisite

to growing unitarian wealth

of EarthJustice

multicultural compassion.



regardless of where we may find


celebrate our active hope

for growing a resilient polycultural community


We feel no clear post-viral divide

between health care

and EarthTribe’s social solidarity,


No great non-transitional

separation of secular caste

or sacred calling

between social solidarity

and indigenous integrity

of interdependent healthcare;


No vast dualistic shadow

between First Egalitarian HealthPrinciples

and Seventh Interdependent WealthSystems.

Health care,

like social caring,

like politically empowering compassion,

like economically enlightened co-investment,

can never again return

to a pre-global pandemic view

of healthy democratic energy

as a strictly private


anthroprivileged self-investment

by win/lose might of fight

makes dominating right

singularly bright.


Whole Open EarthClimate Care


predict healthy resilient babies

and a renewing win/win

bicamerally empowering

enlightening species


Restored from a starving

isolating angry

and fearfully monoculturing

disregard for polyculturing

health wealthy

GreatGreen Transitioning EarthMother


PostPandemically restorying

Her ravenous

and cancerously conflicted womb

of sensory


passionately universal

unitarian healthcare wisdom.

Gerald Dillenbeck is a resident of New London County, currently holed up in the Thermos on the Thames Condos in Norwich.

Poetry in a Pandemic offers readers a chance to share their poetry written during or related to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. To contribute, email


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