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Don't blame workers for burrito price hike

Robert Reich wrote an interesting column in The Day, “Republican claims about price increases don’t hold up,” (June 14). It made me take out my calculator. The Republican Party is either deliberately obtuse or collectively suffering from some acute malady. If your hourly wage is $15, over 40 hours, you will make $600. Multiply that by 52 weeks and you have $31,200 of gross pay yearly. You will not pay much income tax on that, but you can only avoid the 7.65% Social Security tax with large capital gains and hordes of dividends. Unfortunately, you are probably sentenced to living somewhere like Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky or somewhere else you are more likely to run into an evangelical who hopes for divine intervention to return Donald Trump to the Oval Office.

Now if the CEO of Chipotle made $38 million last year, that divided by $31,200 would mean he made 1,218 times what the line worker made. Arguably, the hungry customer would miss the worker more than if the CEO left work to go play a round of golf.

By the way, all the top executives got big pay increases at that company. That is why their burritos now cost more. To think otherwise would indicate how gullible you are to basic propaganda.

Robert Jordan




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