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Operation Warp Speed? Don't make me laugh.

The cartoon regarding Operation Warp Speed, (June 8), made me laugh. Well not really, because you would think, for all the credit Trump claims for COVID-19 vaccine development, he would be out there trying to convince people, particularly his fawning supporters, to get the shots. But no! We all know how, besides golf, he has been spending every waking moment of his time since Nov. 3. For him, promoting the Big Lie has been far more important than the safety of the American public. (America First – really?)

It was that way well before, only on a related lie: that the only way he could lose was if the Democrats somehow were to rig the election. It is hard to imagine how America could have had worse leadership during the pandemic in 2020. Restricting travel and funding vaccine development were no-brainers. Joe Biden, or most any other person for that matter, would have taken it seriously from the start, listened to the top infectious disease scientists, actively promoted safe behaviors, and done much more. In so doing, thousands upon thousands of American lives would have been spared.

Ralph Robinson




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