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Are Republicans preparing to rob the bank of democracy?

I write in response to what I see as the Republican efforts to take away voting rights.

A man and woman walk into a bank and brazenly approach the manager. They tell him they are going to rob the bank. The manager does nothing. The next day the man and woman rob the bank. The manager throws up his hands crying, "Oh my God. We've been robbed."

Really?! He was told point blank he would be robbed, and he was surprised?

So here are some of the Republican elected leaders telling Congress, judges, and the nation they need to change the rules so they can cheat at elections. Considering the prior four years, it is not a surprise they are trying this. They have learned how to be brazen.

GOP’ers, some of that money to be stolen from the bank will be yours. And there is the bottom line.

Voters, if you want fair elections, object to this behavior. We have all been warned.

Karen Siemon

Old Saybrook



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