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Pfizer has come through for U.S. before

I enjoyed reading Sunday’s article regarding Pfizer’s meeting the significant challenge of manufacturing the COVID-19 vaccine on a mass scale.

It is interesting to note, I think, that this is the second time in its history that Pfizer has risen to the occasion and applied its manufacturing expertise to produce a medicine that saved many lives. Eighty years ago, at the start of World War II, the potential benefit of penicillin on the battlefield was well known, but no one knew how to produce it on a scale that would be needed with our country at war. The government put out an urgent call to industry and Pfizer, then a small chemical company in Brooklyn, New York with experience in fermentation, was the first to answer that call and ended up producing most of the penicillin used in the war. In recognition of its important contributions during World War II, Pfizer received the coveted Army-Navy “E” award and a letter of appreciation from the government for its “service as the world’s largest producer of penicillin.”

Pfizer’s commitment to quality and science has been consistent over the years and continues to be a great benefit to all.

Fred Ziegler (Pfizer retiree)

Old Mystic



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