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Loud motorcycles do alert distracted drivers

I applaud the letter, “Motorcycles are noisy, but drivers are dangerous,” (July 14), that supported loud motorcycles. The way things are today, it seems that everybody has got four or five things going on at one time. They are sending an e-mail while talking on the phone while making sure their kid in the car seat is watching the proper TV show and maybe they are watching TV also − while they are driving.

There are more cars on the road than ever. Because many new cars have smart-car safety attachments, some people who get caught up with their stressful ultra-busy lives subconsciously believe they do not have to be as cautious. Motorcycles are dangerous, but most accidents with four-wheeled vehicles are caused when the car driver does not see the motorcyclist.

Remember, loud pipes save lives. 

Steven A. Birt




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