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Deny health coverage to COVID anti-vaxxers

In an article by Jay Reeves of the AP, "With pandemic worsening in U.S., surgeon general worried," (July 19), we learn that “90 million eligible Americans…particularly conservative, rural white people” have refused to receive free vaccinations against the COVID-19 virus.

Their life-threatening rejection is mostly political; their loyalty to Trump is unimpeachable, and even the slightest defection on any issue threatens their warped view of the supremacy of the white race, politicized Evangelical Christianity, and guns. Many poor and rural whites are bound to Trump’s racist politics because they fear any infringement on white privileges would make them social inferiors to those who do not look like them.

They deny science, care little for their neighbors’ health, and adhere to propaganda from Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and other Fox News anti-science liars. What is the solution?

Congress must pass laws making it illegal for state governments, the federal government, and private insurance companies to pay for or reimburse any health-related expenses of any person contracting COVID-19 who chose not to be vaccinated for a non-health related reason. When others see bankruptcies, lost homes, and farms, and worse, they will embrace the vaccine. Freedom is not free!

Dr. David Andersen

New London



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