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'Time to go Joe' failing the country

President Joe Biden, you have done a rotten job while hiding at Camp David, away from reality. Your speech of Aug. 16 was very weak and then 13 minutes into it you forgot most of the things you were going to say and started to stutter. Maybe you could let some of the criminals from the border and Afghanistan, who are not being tested for COVID-19, move next door to you and your government cronies.

It is time that you, the next one behind you, Speaker Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Schumer, Deputy Secretary of State Blinken and lying Pentagon Press Secrectary Kirby all resign for treasonous acts.

Maybe we could get a “real” president back, number 45, to help with all of your impeachments. Former President Trump named you “Hidin' Biden.” Maybe now it should be, “Time to go Joe.” Your VP is, like the rest of the world, always laughing at you. Why don’t you and son Hunter Biden suck up to China and Russia for a few million more dollars.

God Bless America.

Steve Partridge




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