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Poetry in a Pandemic: Stop thief, stop!

I’ve been robbed! Stop thief, stop!

Something absconded with my freedom!

Covid is the thief, the pandemic is the hijacker!

I’ve been robbed! Stop thief, stop!

Here’s the police report:


My energy and excitement.

My assurance and peace.

My trust and security.

I want them back.

I’ve been robbed! Stop thief, stop!

Instead I’m left with

Uncertainty, weariness, suspicion.

I look at you differently now.

Are you a carrier, careless, or a killer?

You’re my neighbor, friend, my family.

I’ve been robbed! Stop thief, stop!

Perseverance, carefulness, and hope prevail.

I’m still upset, even angry.

We’ve all been robbed!

Stop thief, stop!


Terry LaPorta

East Lyme

Poetry in a Pandemic offers local readers a chance to share their poetry written during or related to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. To contribute, email


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