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Find The Big Truth and forget The Big Lie

Big Lie echoes through arrests, hearings,” (Nov. 17), as we fight to avoid a political Groundhog Day with Republicans reliving overturning the Presidential election every day.

For the love of God, stop already!

It is a Ralph Kramden "Heads I win, Tails you Lose" Norton scam that works on a 1950s sitcom but this, in the most advanced democracy of the free world? The adults have all left the room save Rep. Liz Cheney who seems to be the only Republican more interested in truth than power, more interested in abiding by her oath to defend the Constitution, not an oath to defend Mister Miscreant Trump.

All can marvel at Mr. Trump's showmanship and bamboozle abilities, but does this best serve the country reeling from the effects of a devastating worldwide pandemic and life-threatening climate change meltdown? President Biden might not have pizzazz but does not possess exclusive self-aggrandizement narcissism either.

Jay Lustgarten




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