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Rittenhouse is a coward

He was protecting himself; it was self-defense. Really? Why would Kyle Rittenhouse attend a police violence protest with a loaded assault rifle if he was not planning to kill someone? It was said he was protecting businesses. I can understand using a gun to protect another person, or a beloved pet, but a building is an inanimate object. Maybe he was bullied in school or maybe he was a bully. But, isn't he a coward? Watching him shake when awaiting his verdict only reinforces this. We can only imagine the increased pathetic blubbering that he would have released if he was found guilty. Did not Rittenhouse do exactly what he planned to do: Premeditated murder. It was not racist motivated. It was some punk kid proving himself. The NRA chose his side, not because he was protecting himself; it is because gun sales are sure to increase.

Steven Birt




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