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Your Turn: Ice Cream Bowl precedes Stonington-Westerly Thanksgiving Day game

The ninth annual Ice Cream Bowl took place at Mel’s Downtown Creamery in Pawcatuck on Sunday, Nov. 21.

The Ice Cream Bowl has become a part of the tradition that leads up to the epic Thanksgiving Day rivalry between the Stonington Bears and the Westerly Bulldogs. The four-round ice cream eating relay competition challenges four senior football players from each team. This year’s challengers from Stonington were linemen Jameson Griffith, Jacob Yackley, Alex Castagliuolo and linebacker Jack Zuro. Westerly’s challengers were wide receivers Marcus Haik and Luke Marley, cornerback Jack Morrone and lineman Greg Gorman.

The eating competition started with Jameson and Marcus taking on the chocolate dipped frozen pumpkin pie. As Westerly pulled ahead in round one, demolishing the pumpkin pie, Jack Morrone kicked off round two with a delicious Oreo Madness Sundae. The madness came out as Jack tossed aside the spoon and dug into the sundae with his bare hands. Westerly still had the lead going into round 3 but as soon as Jacob Yackley finished his Oreo Madness and tagged in Alex Castagliuolo the tides would change. Chugging a 32-ounce Pumpkin Coffee Milkshake, both Alex and Luke were sure to get a brain freeze.

Pushing through the coldness it was seconds before Stonington’s Alex Castagliuolo took the lead over Westerly’s Luke Marley.

The final round was intense as Stonington’s Jack Zuro took on the all-American banana split. Using his hands to shovel ice cream and toppings into his mouth, Jack decimatedd the banana split in the blink of an eye.

Westerly’s Greg Gorman started the fourth round seconds behind Jack and was eating quickly but nothing could stop Jack from housing the banana split first.

Stonington came through with a win in the return of the ninth annual Ice Cream Bowl. Congratulations to both teams.

The Ice Cream Bowl is also a food drive for our neighbors in need.

Melanie L. Goggin is owner of Mel’s Downtown Creamery in Pawcatuck and Colchester.

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