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Property tax relief would apply to most taxpayers

Thank you for providing Keith Phaneuf’s accurate article on the tax reform proposals proposed by the report of the group “1000 Friends of Connecticut.” It is clear that Connecticut has unconscionably high property tax rates on homeowners and businesses, especially in poorer municipalities.

Those with fixed income and marginal financial resources are hit with high and growing property tax rates even when they lose their jobs or have unexpected medical bills, causing defaults on tax and mortgage payments. Their wealthy neighbors pay a far lower percentage of their income and wealth on overall taxes. It is not right. It is not fair. People are justifiably angry.

A line in the concluding portion of the article, however, is misleading: “Proposal would entail large tax hikes, group concedes.”

It sounds like the report is saying the average citizen would pay more in taxes if these reforms occur, when the opposite is the case. State income taxes would be higher, but only for the very wealthy. Property tax relief (by providing greater state support of local schools), would substantially lower overall tax outlays for the vast majority in this region.

One would never guess that from reading the headline. The Day’s Editors should read the report.

David Bingham




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