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The role of socialism

About 1853 Karl Marx came up with an idea basically to end serfdom. The idea was revolution to form worker communes and spread profits equitably. Everyone became a comrade in Russia.

After World War II, Russia spread state socialism in Europe and Asia. America saw a world threat. North Korea attempted to spread south; the U.S. stopped it. Vietnam followed and VP Johnson succeeding Kennedy entered a war that was disastrous. Meanwhile, China was developing a huge socialist state.

The starting point of communism is socialism, which lures people into an unproductive mess, requiring stiff communism to improve things.

Capitalism is basically dependent on individual success. It is the opposite of communism in which the nation owns everything including individuals. Our present Democrat rule is trying to soften our people by throwing money at them for 10 years which will ruin our economy and require communism dictatorship to restore it.

In America today, corporations of great wealth are seeking cheap labor and a large population of buyers in China. The future of China and the U.S. itself are both under stress. Corporations have joined with both countries' governing parties, amid questions involving their loyalties being divided. Biden will handle it.

Howard Flora




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