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Photo showed 'survival of the fittest'

In response to the letter, “Photo of coyote was ‘disgusting’,” (May 9), actually, the photo was of a clean healthy-looking animal. If the letter writer thinks that was disgusting, then apparently she does not understand how disgusting the ecosystem would be around southeast Connecticut if there were no coyotes that eat the rats and mice and rabbits and other rodents that have several litters a year. The food stuff that other herbivores, such as deer, need would be drastically reduced, causing starvation and disease. Life at their level is survival of the fittest.

Maybe a coyote ate her cat or something. Because of the removal of the wolf in the lower 48 states the coyote, which has done exceptionally well in urban environments, has drastically extended its range. Also, as open space continues to increase as New England farms decrease the coyote is here to stay because it has so much food. Another carnivore that is making a decent come back to the area is the bobcat.

Steven A. Birt



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