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Doctors should abide by Hippocratic Oath

In The Day we have a definite contrast on news reporting. In one story, a person is sentenced to life in prison plus 105 years for brutally murdering a family at home, “Life in prison for man convicted in brutal triple murder in Griswold,” (May 4).

In the other story, the U.S. Supreme Court is roundly criticized for espousing a decision on brutally murdering an innocent human being while still in the ostensible safety of the mother's womb, “Southeastern Connecticut reacts to leak of draft decision to overturn Roe v. Wade,” (May 4).

This contrast of events concerning the right to life here in the U.S. seems to go against every principle we have learned since we ourselves were born into this world. It makes me ask why do we even have doctors subscribing to the Hippocratic Oath, and the millions (maybe billions) being spent on trying to save human lives? Are we saying it is only for our convenience?

W. R. Antonowicz



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