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    Sunday, September 25, 2022

    Dr. I: All hail Barbara Neff

    Idle Thoughts, while waiting for the New York Football Giants, Fitch-New London football (Thursday) and for Aaron Hicks to get traded to Siberia for two snowstorms to be named later:

    Dr. Idle, Dr. I to his close friends, begins today’s installment by saluting our corner of the world’s Athletic Achievement of the Week:

    Barbara Neff’s hole-in-one at the relatively impossible Cooper Creek Mini Golf at the Nature’s Art Center in Montville.

    (If you’ve played there, you know it’s actually harder than Carnoustie.)

    Aside from Neff’s golfing aptitude, this is also to show her that many of us in New London’s silent majority appreciate her work as the city’s downtown heartbeat.

    If you follow along here at America’s Most Underrated Media Company, you know that Neff has been subjected to some unnecessary and largely infantile treatment from some (not all) members of the city’s police department.

    • OK. Can we give Aaron Boone a break here?

    Not saying the guy is Earl Weaver. Or at this point, Sigourney Weaver. But he’s gone from managing Judge and Stanton to Judge and Scranton. Yanks still in first with a lineup that wouldn’t make New London High tremble. Geez. When did Yankee fans get so miserable?

    • So Dr. I was covering the Branford-Waterford football game on Friday night and briefly turned around to peek at the concession stand.

    And there she was again: the great Jody Nazarchyk. Former Board of Education member and Waterford Athletic Hall of Famer who could have been doing other things on a gorgeous late summer Friday night.

    Instead, she chose to serve the kids and the community again.

    • If former UConn women’s guard Crystal Dangerfield married former Detroit Lions defensive lineman Jerry Ball and then divorced him to marry University of Miami football coach Mario Cristobal, that would make her Crystal Ball Cristobal.


    • Not that Dr. I doesn’t, you know, love and appreciate Serena, but can we pump the breaks on this GOAT stuff?

    Serena won 23 grand slams in 22 years.

    Steffi Graf won 22 grand slams in 13 years (and had to do it against Martina Navratilova and Monica Seles).

    It’s not really close.

    • You really do need to give our new football webcast tandem a listen on GameDay. Casey O’Neill and Jose “Pasta” Sanabria are gloriously entertaining.

    • Dr. I is depressed to report that the games hadn’t yet started this fall when the first aggrieved parent chimed in.

    Seems our decision to highlight one particular kid on one particular team triggered some parental sniveling about our choice of feature topics.

    Imagine: You, the parent of a high school kid, authoring an e-mail that condemns another high school kid.

    Must be hard to coach now. The coach preaches team, team, team and the kids go home to ME, ME, ME.


    • Note to high school football players: When your coach says “hydrate,” he doesn’t mean take a sip of water 10 minutes before kickoff.

    Waterford-Branford the other night was cramped with cramps.

    Best advice here comes from former East Lyme great and former NFA assistant coach Eric McGlone, who would drink water all week, but on game day, would add a tablespoon of cider vinegar to it.

    Full disclosure: The taste is, well, icky. But McGlone never came off the field.

    • Do these yahoo Pats fans really think the game has passed by Belichick?

    • Dr. I stole this from this favorite pun site on Twitter:

    What’s the difference between a literalist and a kleptomaniac?

    A literalist takes things literally. A kleptomaniac takes things, literally.

    • Send up a flare the next time this guy Ohtani does anything in the heat of a pennant race.

    • RIP, Peter Kazibwe. Peter, 23, died while visiting family in Uganda late last month. He was an integral part of Bacon Academy’s division championship and playoff team in 2015 and a GameDay favorite.

    This is the opinion of Day sports columnist Mike DiMauro

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