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From shy teenager to confident man

I would first like to thank our principal Brad Columbus for giving me this opportunity to speak to the Class of 2020 today. I wanted to also take the time to thank everyone who has the opportunity to listen to my speech as well. I first would like to begin my speech by recognizing the Class of 2020’s hard work and determination they have all put into their schoolwork during these difficult times. The coronavirus has challenged us in many ways, but it has not taken away the spirit of the wolfpack.

Two years ago, I made the decision to attend Three Rivers Middle College Magnet High School. After finding out about this school from a homeschool mother at an event, I applied knowing that this would give me a new opportunity. After attending the orientation, I was excited and nervous to be able to go back to a public school, after being homeschooled for two years. I can say with much happiness that this decision was one of the best decisions I had ever made. As a result of attending this school, I have joined a family. A family that cares about each student. A family that, even during challenging times, will always be there to support you no matter what happens. That has clearly been demonstrated during this challenging time.

Entering into the middle college, I felt very different than I feel today. A nervous and shy teenager would become a confident young man. I fondly remember my first day, and will never forget my last. The people I have met here have left a long-lasting impact on my life. Not only have I expanded on my education level as a high schooler, but I have also developed into a college student. That is the special part of this program. Not many students have this opportunity, and I am thankful that I am graduating from this great school.

I would like to take the time to also thank the teachers and professors who have dedicated their time for us to be successful in college. The Class of 2020 would not be here if it were not for the tremendous time and effort from the staff at TRMC. An example of a staff member who has worked really hard for our success is Sarah Slocum. Sarah is one of the most hardworking office managers I have ever met! She puts so much effort into organizing events for us, and I would like to thank her for that. Another individual I would like to recognize is one of the newest staff members of the wolfpack, Kathleen O’Reilly. She has been such a kind and caring person to me this past year. I also have appreciated her giving me the opportunity to explore my options at TRCC such as the Tutoring Center which has greatly enhanced my performance in my college classes. The students have also really enjoyed spending time with her dogs Ellie and Stevie as well! I could stand here all day thanking each of our teachers and saying such nice things about them because of their devotion and care towards the students at TRMC!

As we move into a new part of our lives, let us remember all of the fun times that we have had together. I will never forget the fun times of going to the Norwich Ice Rink, almost falling down but never giving up. Or the time that my fellow classmates elected me to lead the National Honor Society, which has meant so much to me. The times that we came together at our annual potluck, all of us having a meal together generated that family resemblance that is strong within this school. The fun days in Chemistry class! Or the funny Math for Liberal Arts Professor! The fun college trips that we have had! And most of all, the special times that we will all never forget together as a Wolfpack. Once a part of the Wolfpack, always a part of the Wolfpack. And that spirit will forever be engrained in this very institution.

Thank you very much!



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