Ned 'Mr. Rogers' Lamont will fleece your neighborhood

When I was real young, maybe 5 or 6, my mom would pour me a big bowl of Apple Jacks, drown it in whole milk and maybe throw in a side plate of Wonder Bread white toast swimming in real Land O’ Lakes butter. Did I mention I was a little heavy as a kid?

I'd plop myself down in front of our tiny black & white TV in the kitchen and watch the world through 16 inches of Zenith “clarity.” Mom would disappear into the living room, light up a Marlborough, and read, back page to front, "The New London Day." She’d always read the back pages first – and always while lying on the rug. It's weird what you remember.

Within 60 minutes I could easily go through a few thousand calories of sugar and starch, all the while mesmerized by my favorite television shows. Hours might pass with me watching “The Super Friends,” “Underdog” and/or “The Flintstones.” One of my all-time favorite shows, "The New Zoo Revue," broke down the complexities of life with assistance from a crazy frog, a southern female hippo and a wise old owl named Charlie.

Somehow, we were entertained even though we only had a dozen channels from which to choose.

Amongst all this morning TV wonder, there was one show I would turn off immediately (and that was when you actually had to get off your rear end to change the dial). I couldn't stand “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.” For some reason, I just didn’t trust Mr. Rogers. To me, he was a fake and a phony, and his friends who came to visit him were all a little bit shady.

I'm taking you on stroll down my memory lane because, every time I see our current governor, I can’t help but think of Mr. Rogers and his neighborhood.

Governor Ned Lamont wants you to believe he’s a wholesome, forever optimistic, friendly neighbor, coming over for a visit, tapping gently on your door. But, instead of asking for sugar, this neighbor is asking for 84 toll gantries, a higher sales tax, maybe even a tax on groceries! He has insulated himself using his new legion of ultra-progressive Hartford Democrats.

I can see the show’s opening credits, with Ned as the star, singing Connecticut’s brand new theme song: "It’s a beautiful day in Connecticut / A beautiful day for a neighbor / Would you be mine, give me what’s mine?”

Lackeys like Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz, Senate leader Martin Looney, and Speaker Joe Aresimowicz, all sporting smiles similar to the Grinch when he ripped off Whoville, would surround him.

I’m not buying this good guy act for a second. Ned "Mr. Rogers" Lamont is on a mission: A mission that will see your taxes skyrocket and your personal liberties challenged. In this neighborhood the Republicans are woefully outnumbered and helpless. The Democrats will simply steamroll and pass whatever agendas they desire. Connecticut is under one-party rule.

Think about how hard-hearted you have to be to even consider a new tax on groceries and prescription drugs. When you sprinkle in tolls, you have the ultimate gut punch trifecta aimed directly at the working poor.

Lamont has secretly unleashed his newly elected legislative attack dogs, and they’re already actively doing his bidding. Vehicle tax, ammunition tax, grocery tax, taxes on medicine – and even a methane tax on cows! The governor himself said, "Nothing is off the table."

I formally demand that Lamont cut spending before he even considers hammering the sick/elderly by taxing their medicine.

Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano got things right on Monday when he released a statement saying, "An onslaught of economic wrecking ball legislation would put Connecticut into a free-fall. “

I warned you all a few weeks ago, "You reap what you sow." It's time to dig deep because Ned “Mr. Rogers” Lamont is coming to your neighborhood. He's wearing a cheap off the rack sweater, sporting a big fat fake grin, and he's carrying a light brown sack with a dollar sign on it, itching to fill it up.

Get ready, neighbor.

Lee Elci is the morning host for 94.9 News Now radio, a station that provides "Stimulating Talk" with a conservative bent.



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