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The Big Truth

The January 6, 2021 assault on the United States Capitol was the most anti-democratic episode in the continuing series of attacks on democracy since the 2020 presidential election. That is the truth, the Big Truth.

The apostles of the Big Lie keep repeating their disproven claim that Donald Trump was actually re-elected, even as details of their nefarious preparations to undermine the certification of election results seep out like sewage from documents handed over to the U.S. House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol.

Their attempts to subvert the election, co-opt the vice-president, terrorize members of Congress and other government employees at work in the Capitol on January 6 could go down in defeat in short order if Americans would stand up and say, "Enough."

Enough, Republican congressional leaders; admit that the wild invasion of believers in the Big Lie that day made you fear for your lives. Enough, state legislators gerrymandering voting districts and strangling access to the polls; admit in your hearts that a strong United States is a democratic United States, and that the last thing you should ever want for your children is a weakened nation.

Enough, citizens who cling to the idea that this is politics as usual; admit to yourselves this is not about simply winning the last or the next election. This is a cabal that is playing for keeps. What they want to keep is power, not a fairly won term or two but a corrupt and autocratic system that will keep them and their sycophants in office. If Vice President Mike Pence had not proven himself to be worthy of his oath of office when the mob was searching for him in the Capitol, the cabal would already be cementing its hold on government or, worse, have taken the fight to the streets.

Enough, anyone who has been enjoying the relative peace of overlooking this or ignoring its implications; this is your problem because this is your country. So you live in Connecticut, in New England, where state government pretty much percolates as usual. Do not kid yourself. The person whom the Constitution puts third in line to the presidency is elected by a House district in some far larger state, representing the party that wins the most seats. Do you feel comfortable that the Congress, as it may be comprised after Nov. 8, 2022, will be representative of the best interests of all Americans — or are you starting to suspect that a Congress dominated by special interests from voter-suppressing states could make a dangerous difference in life in the United States?

Enough, anyone who voted for that person who could not accept defeat; do you think such a person will ever accept defeat in any matter? What happens when such a person provokes an enemy in a fit of pique? What happens when something you value or someone you care about gets in the way of such a person, such a faction, such a government? You already know the answer, but perhaps you think there is a reward for your loyalty. What do you imagine that reward would be?

Enough, Americans who delude yourselves that the cabal of the Big Lie cares about you and the things you care about; they care about themselves.

Members of the mob that carried out the January 6 attack have started going to jail after being convicted of criminal acts. But they are sad dupes if only they are punished. The House Committee proceedings will continue to reveal more about the masterminds who sent the believers on their rampage. Expect more of them to be referred to the Department of Justice for possible prosecution for higher crimes, and be glad if they start singing to save themselves.

For now, Americans have the freedom — and the obligation — to say "Enough." For now, the government of laws will protect citizens acting within their rights just as it punishes those who commit crimes. But if the failed attempt of January 6 is revived — as the cabal fully intends it will be, in some form — you could lose that freedom and self-determination.

Americans don't belong to a leader; they belong to a nation. That nation works when its incredible Constitution is held in greater esteem than any individual who tries to subvert it.

Enough. Let's hear it.  

The Day editorial board meets regularly with political, business and community leaders and convenes weekly to formulate editorial viewpoints. It is composed of President and Publisher Tim Dwyer, Managing Editor Izaskun E. Larrañeta, staff writer Erica Moser and retired deputy managing editor Lisa McGinley. However, only the publisher and editorial page editor are responsible for developing the editorial opinions. The board operates independently from the Day newsroom.


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