Book tip: Norwegian cop Harry Hole keeps getting better

The Thirst

Jo Nesbø

I'd happily review more of the novels in the excellent Harry Hole series, but to do so means I have to utilize the computer's Insert tablet and find the o with the diagonal line slash to properly convey author Jo Nesbø's name — and dammit that's just a lot of trouble. Truth told, though, Nesbø and his alcoholic Norwegian detective Hole — and the much-loved support characters — are consistently tremendous. Yes, Hole keeps retiring, and Nesbø has to find ways to bring him back for each adventure. But other than that narrative necessity born of Hole's cumulative physical and emotional baggage, Nesbø is a remarkably gifted plotter. Each book has so many well-crafted diversions, neon-red herrings, and outta-left-field possibilities. "The Thirst" is the follow-up to "Police," and it's so good that you can get really irritated if something or someone interrupts your reading. In fact, I'm happy to do the o with diagonal slash thing just to get the word out. Here: ø ø ø ø ø ø ø ... Now, go read Nesbø.


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