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Book tip: "The History of Living Forever" by Jake Wolff

Is it science fiction? A mystery? A coming of age novel? A love story? "The History of Living Forever" is all of these things as well as controversial, and first-time novelist Wolff pulls it off with wit, tenderness and no shortage of complex but digestible science and philosophy. High school science genius Conrad falls for his male chemistry teacher, Sammy, and they enter an illicit affair. Criminal? Yes, but as seen through Conrad's lonely eyes, a great first love filled with possibility. When Sammy dies under mysterious circumstances and leaves Conrad a cache of revealing diaries and notebooks filled with detailed records of scientific experiences, the plot explodes in fascinating ways. Sammy was searching for the elixir a life — a formula sought after for centuries by great minds and alchemists. Is such a thing really possible? Conrad, writing as an adult scientist, wants answers. Great stuff, though the number of folks close to Conrad face medical trauma seems too convenient.


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